Whether you are working from home from before or working for the first time, it is likely that you need to set up a workstation in your home that will help you not only improve productivity but also improve your health conditions.

In the workplace, you will get an environment that is safe for work. The lighting is optimal and it is great for reading and looking at the screens. The desks are at the right height, the chairs are adjustable and have the heights and back, and there are usually things like the multiple screens and the screen desk stands.

These places will ensure safety and comfort when you are maintaining a good position for a long period of time. When you are taking this into the household factor, there are lots of things that can happen.

If you are setting up the home office, you are in luck and it is a lot easier to make space ergonomically friendly. If you are working from the bench or dining table, it is difficult to get space set up, but there are still things that you can help to reduce stress on the body and avoid injuries.

  1. 90 Is The Magic Number

The office set-up is done keeping in mind that the individual’s joints are aligned in the right way. Muscle pain happens when they are misaligned, and they can often lead to injuries due to the repetitive bad postures. So the first thing you need to do when setting up the workstation ergonomically is to ensure that you have the joints aligned in the right manner. Remember that you should align at 90 degrees. If you are not getting the floor touching the floor, try a large book to act as the prop. It ensures that the feet are flat and supported to ensure the right posture and the muscles do not get tired.

The back should be straight. There should be an office chair that is helpful to keep the home for adjusting the back position; your back and lumbar support will stop slouching for the whole day. Your arms should be placed flat on the desk with a neutral position.

  1. Set Up The Screen

It is quite easy to walk into the house and open the laptop on the dining desk, but it tends to have you looking down, creating a strained neck position that causes stiffness in the shoulder and neck portion. On the other hand, you should put the screen straight in front of you when the back is straight with the eyes looking at the top of the screen.

If you are working from the desktop computer, this can be corrected by using the computer or ergonomic desktop stand or some large books below. In addition, you can get different office supplies from reputed stores like Kaiser Kraft, which provides the best office furniture, desks and chairs to the clients.

  1. Use of the right lights

As you are setting the workstation in your home, you need to know that using proper light is very important. On the office premise, you are getting enough light but at home, you should buy lighting fixtures that are perfect for your work inside the room.

Though designing the workstation ergonomically is good, it should be remembered that you need to move sometimes by taking a 5-10 minutes break. It will reduce stress and strain and also gives energy to work more.